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Duke Amos


As a second-generation attorney Duke Amos grew up around the law. He was born in it, and developed in it. He is a trial attorney and he has a passion for helping others. Growing up and working at his fathers firm led Duke to see that when people need assistance from an attorney they didn’t want to be seen as just a number or a client ID. Clients wanted to be informed and in-touch with their attorney. Upon recognizing that this was something his father practiced, Duke decided that he too would build his legal profession on just that, serving clients. He believes in being personal to his clients and always available to keep them informed on the status of their case.

Prior to founding The Amos Law Firm, Duke Amos knew that he had knowledge of the Plaintiff’s side of personal injury and criminal law from experience with his father. But in order to perfect his craft he knew that he would have to gain insight on taking cases to trial. He knew that this meant he had to find an area of law that required in court litigation experience. Not to mention, the action of being in court frequently peaked his interest after years of seeing his Dad in trial. So after graduating from law school Duke became employed by a firm that specialized in the representation of multi-family dwellings. As general counsel for some of the largest property management firms in Houston, Duke saw litigation on a regular basis. The issues of these clients ranged from complex eviction matters to defense of equal employment claims. After practicing in this area for years and trying a multitude of eviction cases, contract dispute cases, and defense injury cases, Duke Amos understands what it take to succeed in these matters. This passion for succeeding has led him to assist clients by not only educating them, but also ensuring that their legal bills and woes are at a minimum. Repeat clients are Duke’s favorite and he would love to make you one.


Over 1000 evictions prosecuted for Texas landlords. We have the experience, we know the law, and we’ve SEEN IT ALL. As an attorney who specializes in evictions I have come across almost every landlord/tenant situation. This includes a sub-specialization in dealing with tenants who are on housing or any type of subsidy. Here is a list of just some of the evictions I’ve come across:

  • Successful eviction of tenant who was required to pay no monthly rent but had fallen behind on her utility payments.
  • Negotiated terms of multiple tenants to move out before their actual lease expired.  This is often a better option then evicting the tenant.
  • Tried a jury trial for three days based on a disturbance eviction
  • Successfully prosecuted several evictions in instances where the tenant denied ever receiving the notice to vacate
  • Overcame a jury trial decision where the jury “felt bad” for the tenant and did not follow the law when rendering their verdict.
  • Handled evictions in every single Justice of Peace Court in Harris County, and Harris County Court at Law.
  • Obtained final judgments against tenants who stated they paid online or in cash but who had no records of these payments.
  • Negotiated deals for landlords to receive rent in turn for allowing a tenant to stay a few extra weeks.
  • Regain possession of multiple landlords’ property 2-3 earlier than anticipated by using procedural mechanisms. 


University of Louisiana at Lafayette, B.A. Political Science
Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Juris Doctorate

In his spare time Duke enjoys lifting weights, reading, and spending time with his family. He is also co-founder of Suits for Success, a non-profit mentorship program that engages seniors in high school and provides them with a suit upon completion of the program.