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Let Us Review Your Lease

The Lease, a simple but misconstrued contract.

Often times, landlords forget that a lease agreement is nothing more than a contract between the landlord and the tenant. When examining it, they may look past some of their legal rights to remove tenants who are behind on rent or tenants who are causing damage or disturbances to your Houston property. Let The Rental Boss review, help you navigate, or construct this lease for you. We are Houston eviction attorneys, here to help you navigate the Texas Property Code.Typically, landowners believe that a form on the Internet will cover their rights as landlords. Sadly, this is a mistake that I see many property owners make, a mistake that leads to a long drawn out Houston Eviction process and unnecessary court fees. Here is a common list of silly mistakes that landlords make when it comes to properly executing a Texas lease agreement:


  • They fail to list an address where notices are to be delivered. This often creates a problem because tenants cannot properly notify landlords of issues or notifications that they may need to communicate to their landlord. This can lead to a dismissal of your Houston eviction.

  • Landlords often fail to list all correct parties of the lease agreement. They typically fail to list the older children of tenants, who if over the age of 18, can be held legally responsible for their behavior under the lease. If not listed in the your eviction petition, this may lead to your case being thrown out on the Harris County Justice of Peace level.

  • They fail to have the tenants sign the lease agreement. Believe it or not, we at The Renal Boss see landlords who either forget to have their tenants sign their lease agreement, or do not keep it in a safe place. We help you with this by providing you with access to your documents online. Never misplace another document. Although we’ve been successful in proving broken oral lease agreements in Houston, Harris County Courts, not having a lease just makes it difficult.

  •    Landlords trust family members and friends to respect their Houston rental property. Although I personally hate seeing these types of cases, family members almost always end up on bad terms whenever a lease agreement is not signed. Avoid a lengthy court eviction process with your family member by having them sign a lease agreement.

Not exhaustive, this list covers just a few problems seen within the Houston eviction process. In order to avoid these complications and many others, hire a Houston eviction attorney to assist you with your lease. The Rental Boss can do this for a flat rate, and without even having to waste time meeting up.