The Amos Law Firm


If you’ve been involved in an accident, don’t allow the insurance company to send you home with nickels and dimes. We’ve got you covered and we aren’t scared to try our cases. Experiences in litigation have taught me that bluffers don’t make it very far. You have to be prepared to fight for your client all the way until the end. That’s what our firm prides ourselves with; we will fight for your compensation. If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, contact us. We handle the following type of injury cases:

  •  Car Accidents
  •  Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  •  Slip and Fall
  • Workers Compensation
  •   Wrongful Death
  •  Medical Malpractice

Don’t fall victim to the predatory acts of the insurance company’s adjusters. Just as any business intends to do, their job is to save the company money. They aren’t your friends and they wont look out for your benefit. Hire an attorney who will, get the compensation you deserve.