The Amos Law Firm

Tenant Representation

Getting Evicted, let us review your documents and come up with a strategy to stay in your unit. Although many evictions go through, there are loop holes to defending your eviction. Many landlords get confused when trying to determine the correct notices. Fight for what’s rightfully yours.

The law in Texas is not in the favor of tenants, in fact if your getting evicted for rent, most Justice of Peace judges won’t even want to hear your case unless you have a good defense. We can help you out with that in your day in court and also negotiate with the landlord for an additional fee. Although we primarily represent landlords, we are able to assist you with the preparation of a defense and the ability to fight for what is yours, don’t let your landlord get away with a wrongful eviction. Landlords commonly slip up on things and we can help point them out to you. Having the knowledge of an experienced attorney will always give you strength as you go into court. You can submit your documents to us via our website intake form or you can contact us to setup a consultation. The $100 for the consult must be paid in full before appointment.”