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The eviction process can be a difficult one to navigate. The Texas Property Code has been setup so that the code seems easy to follow and that maybe you can DIY. This isn’t the case, it’s tricky and you can be a victim to falling into its traps. This can cause a dismal of your Houston Eviction. Luckily as Houston Eviction Attorneys we know how to guide you through the process.  When preparing for a Houston Eviction, you must review your documents with a find comb because these documents are typically the reason why most evictions cases get thrown out in Harris County. I’ve been in every Justice of Peace Court in Houston, every County Court at Law, and as an experienced Houston Eviction Attorney I see cases thrown out for simple miswording or failure to follow some technical aspect of the property code. A few of these common mistakes include: 

  • Failing to deliver the proper notice to Tenants. The property Code and most lease agreements ask that a tenant be delivered notice and be given time to vacate a unit. This depends on the type of tenancy that a person has under the lease or under the property code. 

  • Failing to list the correct parties on the Houston eviction petition. Harris County judges are very strict about this and will throw your case out if you did not serve the correct parties.

  • Not properly delivery the notice. Texas Property code states that only a few methods are acceptable when delivering a notice to vacate to tenants. If you adhere from these methods, your case may get thrown out.


Don’t be a victim of improperly filed eviction documents. Allow us to review or file these documents for you. All you have to do is fill out our new client intake, pay your fees, and we will provide you with the following services:

  • A complete review of your lease
  • legal notice to vacate based on your lease
  • Properly filed evictions documents 
  • Legal Representation on the Justice of Peace Level

This is our best value and our most purchased package. Let our Houston eviction attorneys assist you. No need to waste time in court for such a low flat fee price.